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Sex & Relationships by Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor, one of the UK’s leading sexperts, tells you how to find fulfilment and be confident with the opposite sex, whether you are new to dating, experienced and seeking fun or in a relationship and committed to keeping a healthy dose of passion alive! The course is light hearted, honest and useful, covering techniques and practical strategies, as well as providing pragmatic advice and tips on how to nurture this part of your life.

Written with insight and humour, this course also includes over 30 exclusive videos and is the ideal way to learn more about Sex and Relationships.

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Our 11-Unit Course

1. Get Ready

Great sex is only possible when you feel as seductive and confident as possible. So to begin, we’ll discuss how to get yourself to a place of Inner Sexiness, through diet, exercise, and boosting your own morale. The tips here are useful for couples and singles alike.

2. How to Meet New People

If you’re single – but wish you weren’t – this Unit will help walk you through the many different ways you can bring new potential partners into your life, via work, the Internet and Apps, as well as meeting through your interests and hobbies.  

3. Flirting

Seduction isn’t about chat-up lines, it’s about having charm and creating connections. Here are ways you can raise your “game” naturally, without resorting to manipulation. This Unit works well for couples and singles.

4. Kissing

Again for couples and singles, this Unit discusses every aspect of the kiss, and gives tips and techniques to make every kiss memorable.

5. When to Have Sex

Discover the secrets of knowing when the time is right to make love, including: Do hook-ups work for you? How do you know if you and your partner are ready? Why should you forget the 3-date rule? And, what time of day is best for sex in long-term relationships?

6. Oral Sex and Manual Stimulation

How men and women can use their fingers and tongues on their partner. Including positions, techniques, and advanced tips.

7. Sex Positions

The five basic sex positions (Missionary, Woman on Top, Rear Entry, Spoons, and Standing) explained in detail, with many tips and variations for each one.

8. Beyond Vanilla - Part 1

Tips on Anal Sex, Group Sex, Exhibitionist Sex, filming yourselves, and more.

9. Beyond Vanilla - Part 2

Tips on Anal Sex, Group Sex, Exhibitionist Sex, filming yourselves, and more.

10. Toys and Shopping

The essential toolkit you need to have the best sex of your life. Including masturbation aids, toys for couples, costumes, gadgets and a reading list.

11. When Great Sex Goes Bad

Your trouble-shooting reference for the most common sexual issues. Hope to cope with mismatched libidos, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, fears, boredom and more.