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Whether you are single or in a relationship, sex matters.

Everyone thinks about it, talks about it, and is - apparently - doing it. But are they doing it well?

Find out how to navigate between the sheets with confidence and panache... from kissing to mind-blowing foreplay, getting the timing right to experimenting beyond the bedroom, meeting new people and, of course, keeping the passion alive... and everything in between.

My Sex and Relationships course includes advice and tips for both women and men, single or not, so don't just hope for the best! Take the bull by the horns and let me tell you how.

Love, Kate

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Introduction by Kate Taylor

Our Author

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is the author of five books about sex and dating: The Good Orgasm Guide, Life's Too Short for Tantric Sex, A Woman's Guide to Sex, Not Tonight Mr Right, and Domestic Sex Goddess.

She is UK's Relationship Expert, and regularly writes advice features for the national and international press, and online. She was GQ's UK sexpert for 5 years, writing her acclaimed Sex Life column. Kate's official blog is at

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